Spine Diseases-Myelopathy, Spondylitis and Scoliosis

Spine Diseases-Myelopathy, Spondylitis and Scoliosis Photo

The abnormal working of the nervous system or the spine leads to spinal diseases. Major spine diseases include Spondylitis, scoliosis, Myelopathy and so on.

These diseases are mostly lethal, and no. of patients are helpless before life once they encounter these diseases as the spine, or nervous system is so sensitive and major part of the body which helps to maintain the normal well-being. In some diseases like degenerative disk disease and lumbar disc degeneration, there is direct spine tissue degeneration. Many tests and diagnostic are days by day advancing with the help of research fields to fight against those issues.

  • Hydromyelia 
  • Degenerative Disk Disease
  • Myelopathy 
  • Spondylitis 
  • Degenerative Disc Disease  
  • Lumbar Disc Degeneration

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