Neuroanatomy and Spine

 Neuroanatomy and Spine Photo

Neuroanatomy deals with the study of the anatomical systems and stereotyped organizations of sensory systems or nervous system. As opposed to creatures having radial symmetry, whose nervous system comprises of a circulating system of cells, creatures having bilateral symmetry have isolated and very defined nervous systems. Their neuroanatomy is in this manner better understandable. Among vertebrates, the sensory system is distributed into the interior structure of the spinal cord and brain (together called the CNS or central nervous system) and the courses of the nerves that associate to the rest of the body (known as the PNS, or Peripheral Nervous system).

  • Dorsal Cord
  • Ventral Cord
  • Cord Matter
  • Orientation in Neuroanatomy
  • Tools to Study
  • Non-invasive Brain Imaging
  • Connectomic
  • Computational Neuroanatomy
  • Metastatic Spinal Cancer 

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